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So this what I do……

Watching this is interesting…….not sure why my bald spot and grey hair do not show up as obviously on YouTube, but this is what I do a lot, and lately, most Saturday mornings and Monday Evenings……I guess it’s me sharing, instructing… back?

I had planned an early morning 5K, but, well, I’m still recovering from yesterday’s strength training, I haven’t had a complete rest and recover day since last Saturday, so that’ll be today…..I keep wanting to get back to that, start the day at about 6AM with a short 4 to 5K run in the ‘hood…..

I’ve 12K planned for tomorrow with one of my Run Club groups….so may save myself for that

Today just some stretching, a little strength trainin, body weight….and yeah, tomorrow

Clinics and run club run groups have become my life……

This is the time of year when Run Club has for some reason has become a challenge…..

The weather is changing….winter, cold weather is about to arrive…so now I’ve got to convice runners that yes, you can still run.

Not sure why this seems such a challenge?….running in the dark is that too!……a headlamp, the right clothes and footwear, problem solved……

That’s usually the challenge with clinics as well…I currently have a group of Half Marathoners, most are aiming at something called the Hypo Half Marathon….Hypo as is Hypothermic!……in Edmonton, February 5th….possibly the coldest time of the year….but, with, climate change who knows….it could be frezzing cold and icy, or just icy?….but you’ve gotta be ready for it, so for those runs in the cold, practice and be prepared….

So, the end of the year is a whole 36 days away, so lots of planning is taking up a lot of my time…yes, from now until then, making every day count, but the 365 days until I turn 65, yep, 365 days, oppertunities to be better, and be more of myself….because if not now? When?

I know finances are an issue, OMG a recession?….I want to spend more time in the mountains…so Canmore, Jasper, Banff..and Vancouver will fill my 2023……lots of running…I do want to do at least one triathlon, but that BMO Vancouver Marathon is a focus, the main focus, I want to get that done, and then decide what comes later after that….

Vancouver is 1 days away from becoming 23 weeks to go…’s been so long since I’ve run a full

the last was here in Edmonton in 2016 … I ran it with pink ears as a pace bunny… time was horrible……4:56:48….yes, I was pacing others…and the pace goal was 4:30…a few of us had muscle cramps, so we slowed down, and got it done….but

I’ve run the full on Vancouver Marathon….buy Ilook young…but 4:04:55….still not super quick, but it’d be nice to get close to that time, or beat 4 hours finally….so I’ve got to stay healthy, get my knees happy….strength, stretch, all of the above….I can’t afford to miss a training session….

I do have a pretty basic training plan, planned….

MONDAYSCross train
TUESDAYSEasy zone 1 with a few moments of race pace
THURSDAYSHills or Speed or both
FRIDAYSRest and Recover
SUNDAYSLong effortless runs

I’m probably going to change some of those easy days (Wednesdays and Saturdays) to just cross training…getting on the bike, maybe cross country skiing and swimming…for variety, and to keep away from that high impact effort…..

So the effort has to be there, make every day count, have a goal every day count, even if it is a recovery day….and nutrition, I need to stay away from the crap….real food, lots of water/hydration….

Tomorrow is a 12K long slow effort, maybe a little strength training afterwards……the goal next week is to figure out this’s been mostly for my own head, but can I build on that…?

I’m actually thinking a POD cast as well…because why not….just blog and track my life, and who knows, maybe as an old guy I can inspire, share……create a road map….for others,….I guess th goal is to share..

Bring on tomorrow

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