34 to 64. Oh so tired!

This is really hitting me……64?

Anyway, a tired day. Very tired. An awesome sleep last night…the triad works…..a good sleep, a good workout, good food….one feeds the other, and as long as I remember that, things always work well…..and yep, I’ve added Greek Yogurt to my diet, time to work on that healthy gut….

It’s amazing how much you learn as days go by. What I do does that….everyday…..

I just finished a Zoom meet with my Learn to Run Clinic, the final evening of 10 weeks, this evening was with a massage therapist and talking about foam rollers and other implement to break up fascia……and was amazing. I learned how using that foam roller to warm up before a run can help me do what I do…

Yes the purpose is for those in the clinic, but every guest speaker pretty much improves and reinforces what I know, and should know.

It was an okay day……a rest day, because man I am tired…a weekend I guess wore me out. I slept well, but the dead lifts, the 14K run yesterday, made me feel so worn out and tired, but a good tired.

I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to tomorrow…tomorrow is gonna be cold, but I’ve got a run club to look after, and I have to convince a group of runners to come out and join us…and enjoy the weather….

I’m also thinking about attempting to run on a treadmill….I’ve been running for 30 years, and have never run on a treadmill…never, yes never….and I always try to discorage others from doing the same….maybe this week, I’ll give it a shot, why not?

Tomorrow, embrassing the cold, Thursday, may tempt the treadmill


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