33 to 64…..too cold to run?

I know in years past this would not have bothered me…but this winter..yep, I’m staying inside and plan to run tomorrow….

The reason…I’m responsible for other people, and with it -30C with a windchill I just thought I had to make this call.

In past years this weather wouldn’t have bothered me, am not sure why now?……

I always tell others that it’s always that the perception is worse than the reality, and like diving into a cold lake, you just have to do it…but tonight, I just couldn’t make that happen…maybe I need to regrow the beard?

it’s not like I haven’t done this many times before, I know what needs to be done….maybe tomorrow….

I do have a plan for tomorrow….the clothes, 3 layers have been set aside…and I know I want to run hill repeats first thing, just because I need to and I want to dip that toe in the water….let’s get acclimatized….I know that’s part of the problem….it’s like when it’s +25C the same thing, the more often you run in it, the more the body get’s used to it.

I hate this time of a non-run day…..doubting the call, regret, rethinking, is it to late to go now?

Even though I know I made the right call…as a runner I guess that always heppens.

I know at 9AM tomorrow it’s not going to be much different…the sun will be out, there isn’t supposed to be much of a wind chill…but it’ll just be me…I can make the call without jeopardizing someone elses health and safety, I feel more comfortable with that..

I could just bite the bullet and hit a treadmill at the gym, my gym, but nah…..I’m gonna run, go to the gym afterwards, and brag!

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