28 to 64. COVID?

So, Friday got my COVID booster shot….Pfizer……as well as a flu shot. My first COVID shot was Astrazeneca, the next two Moderna, nothing, no issues….Pfizer, just a little ill..maybe, just nausea to make life interesting…

So no training this weekend….I know I have to get my ass outside tomorrow morning, the plan is a 12K…I will start, I will finish..I have a route……I just have to have some good luck that I’ll feel better after one more sleep….

With the end of the near..lots to think about….yep, I have a 10K to do in the cold in the first weekend of February..I was planning a full marathon in Vancouver on May 7th….but, well the racing schedule is starting to build….on May 6th and 7th there are 3 races I wouldn’t mind doing, close to home….but I love Vancouver….how the F do I chose?

and full or half marathon in Vancouver, a half marathon here in St Albert, an off road 14K in Edmonton, or a half marathon in Edmonton….there’s another half marathon in Red Deer I;d also like to do, and a full marathon in Edmonton in August…..

I guess I’ll sleep on that as well….

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