27 to 64

A pretty great morning…it really was. A 12K run, a pretty sweet route…..I planned it for Sunday’s run, which I skipped, because….well, felt pretty ill and decided sleeping in was the best option.

Loved this..I was able to pick my own pace……and just was able to run.

The weather could not have been more perfect. A little chilly for about the first minute, the rest was fine…a little snow made the traction great, the Saucony Peregrine Ice+ were perfect….I set a PR on one STRAVA section..I made a point of that…my nose pretty much was flowing pretty steady….I’m getting really good at blowing snot rockets….

I need more and more runs like these, more distance, more consistancy…..but with an eye on not getting injured.

It’s supposed to be another cold cold week….but today taught me that the weather is not really a concern……on the weekend someone said to me to not let the weather control your training…..just dress for it and get it done.

Sounds like a moto to stand by

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