26 to 64. You’ve gotta run

This is what you need, just to get out and do it.

Yes it was cold. -27C with the wind chill was supposed to fell like -40C

As usual though, the pereception was worse than the reality……I was dressed in a lot of layers as usual..maybe one more than usual, but once we got going it was fine…

It was actually a continous 5.48K, not a bad pace 6:55 (it felt quicker)…..yes, when we ran against the wind it had a bit of a bite to it, but it felt pretty good……weird to realize that we didn’t really stop.

I was planning on a 4K tempo run…with the ice and the cold it’s pretty hard to do anything tempo,

This is going to be a busy week…..not sure what the training is going to be like around it all…..gotta get ready for Christmas, and just other stuff…..hill repeats and maybe a spin class on Thursday…I need that early morning wake up, and I need to get the cross country skiis rolling…..tomorrow evening, a but of a run, Thursday a spin, a run, and possibly a ski…Friday a rest day and a day to get caught up on things, Saturday an early morning run, and long slow distance Sunday….hope t warms up

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