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OMG 24 to 64?…..only 24?….I skied today!


I look as old as I feel…

This morning……finally got the skiis out…probably the first time since pre-COVID.

I guess that’s how we now categorize things, BC now means Before COVID, and AD, well, yeah, After…

Not sure I like that grey in the mustache, but it is what it is…..

Managed just 90 minutes on those skiis, and after about 30 minutes it got fun, I still struggled a bit with not tripping over my own two skiis, and after a while I got the look where you want to go not at the tops of your skiis the problem was that it took so long to get to that point……and I was beat, wow.

Yes it has been a great week so far, and I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning…and for some reason I have a blister at the end of one of my toes…..where the heck did that come from? …….it took a while too, to get used to that classic stride again, the ski boots and learning to trust in the glide…once I nailed that I was fine…

And I got to go wheeeeee down a hill and finally not fall. lean forward not backwards!

and let your butt take car of the curves…..then, I was fine

It was fun as soon as I got that and got going…..jump from foot to foot, and glide, and double pole down those hills to pick up even more speed. Also I had t get use to those skiis…just stepping and walking in them, buy the end that felt right, and felt like it should, and used to.

Think that was part of the trick, feeling comfortable, and instead of thinking skiing, looking at those skiis, looking at the tracks in front of those skiis, look everywhere else and let the skiis do what they’re supposed to do…sort of like running shoes.

My heart rate was never near it’s limit, but I am so worn out…..a great workout…

I’m trying whether to buy new ski gear. with only a few skiis every year, and none for almost 3 years, The difference would be between having to apply grip wax for almost every ski, or something called skins, a new technology that sounds great, but putting out almost $500 for something I’d hardly use, maybe not.

I’d write a bit more, but I am so tired and worn out….so nap time!

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