no idea what the future is over….

This going to get rough. I’ve been trying to figure out how this is going to work, and bottom line, probably won’t.

Aging parent, dementia, depression, not wanting to shower or change clothes, refuse to even consider in moving to assisted living, can’t walk or drive……frustraiting and sad.

Yes, have two autistic adult children at home, so my time and availability is an issue.

A sister is helping now, but she’s visiting from Arizona, and well, has two jobs…they are mostly on-line optional, but she will have to return home soon, so then what?

So running, run clubs, clinic time, and any plans for the future is on hold…..I have no idea what to do, none…the future looks awful.

I know the solution. Some place where there’s other people, just for the social aspect. Being and interacting with other people……so they’re not just at home staring at the walls doing nothing…..and

having others someone there, just in case. They can’t look after themselves, but, getting them out, doing things (church?) is an issue…dad can hardly walk.

So yeah……This page was supposed to be all about me, active, running, biking, swimming, and stuff…..the story continues, but yeah……a confusing and possibly harsh Christmas

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