Boxing Day. 6 to 64. the Day was Okay

Finally……my first run sinces December 15th.

Life has become depressing and uncomfortable….

Yesterday evening’s family dinner helped a bit. Mom and Dad seemed okay.

Apparently dad hadn’t changed his clothes or had a show for almost 3 weeks. Mom was showing signs of dementia, dad constantly depressed.

Getting to come visit last night seemed to help with them, they both seemed okay….I know things arn’t perfect, and I know my life as the son will become more demanding. I’m working hard to try and keep my life together, at home and on the run.

Can I keep my run clubs running, will I be able to keep my instructing life as usual, and woking and, selling shoes.

I had planned on hitting the trails at 10 this morning, but slept in, decided that I needed a breakfast and coffee, settled on heading out at noon after watching a little hockey…..

I had no idea how far wanted to go, I thought just get out and do anything..clear the head…and make use of that camera….enjoy the run.

I knew the store was going to be busy and my help would be appreciated…so walking in the doors I knew selling a few shoes and helping out a few customers was the right thing to do, so I did…….which is why I like that store and doing what I do, it’s my happy place, and usually puts my head into the right headspace…..and good staff around me..a positive atmosphere…

That’s not a ice sculpture…it’s a leaking water pipe?…..but yeah, just what you see running, not sure if that’s what you want to see underneath a highway bridge.

Yes, a little bit of an inspiring message….it was a good run, I improvised a bit as I went along, which most that know me know I like that, again more of a comfort place…a comfortable feeling..

And then after…a connected with my crew, sold a couple more shoes…..all okay.

Reading everyone else’s blogs for today and yesterday….also were all positive, so that helps.

If I was honest, this has been a year of struggles, but also a year of positives…there are days, weeks, when I felt nothing but postive evenings and days…the runs that I’ve done were always fun, and finished on a up,positive….

I’m still not doing as much or as often as I’d like, or want to do…..

So new years day..I begin my 65th year…..

I’ve no idea what happens after January 1st, even for the few days before that…

So the usual resolutions…and my good years have always begun with a good January 1st run… hopefully I can begin there…

More family time….especially with the parents. I don’t know how that will work, or how often… work days, my days with my autistic daughter Sasha, my autistic son Jim……more family time.

Make my time work…instead of making a bum imprint on this couch…..if I have free time, any time…run, bike, swim…strength, all and everything…

if there’s a race, a workout, a spin class, yoga, whatever…..make life work…….positive, no more negatives…

Like I’ve said… by day………trying to think positive throughts, and looking forward to tomorrow…

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