64 in 5. A lot of friends…positive thoughts.

Yesterday I finally reached out.

Seriously, I needed that kick in the head (I always seem to need a lot of those)

I just said help. And, a lot of people responded, some know well, some a little, and a few kind of surprised me….but it helped.

I have a plan for the next few weeks, just waiting for what comes next.

Aging parents, needing a lot of looking after and attention, handicapped kids at home, and trying to fit life into all of that has me pretty stressed. A lot of this hasn’t even started yet, just waiting for it, wondering when.

I have plans for 2023……..maybe I’ve had plans. Because life is going to be so unpredicatble, what happens to those plans.

I’ve kind of resigned myself to now, it’ll mean doing what I can do, whatever, whenever….if the training I need fits in, I guess, it’ll do it, try setting a weekly schedule, shift when I have to and get the important work done…..

Sleep has become an issue, now I just have to get comfortable with life, and well, hope for the best, and then, just try and make it better.

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