4 to 64. A good night on a good day

A pretty active day…finished off with a nice 6K – ish run with my Wednesday evening Run Club…..

My 2nd run in about 2 weeks……and yes it was tough. Running in that snow is like running in sand, but it was fun, fast and quick at times…..and hey there were Christmas lights.

I really needed that…..it’s waking me up, I think I’ve got the spark…..I just has to do more.

For now I’m going to put away the notion of triathlon, I’ll still cross train like crazy, but the focus is the run…and I do have my goals.

I know that at any time life could and probably will slap me in the face, but that focus on a couple of goals, just a couple, will make things easier…….I can improvise, keep the goal just vary the path as I have to.

It’s Wednesday, 3 days left in the year, it’d be nice to run every day into 2023…..a goal…well, I guess I saw the light

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