3 to 64….a goal?

Yeah, so it’s not Christmas morning, but my first job this morning was to clean up the mess underneath the tree..OMG, it’s like I live with wild animals, and since that December 25th, it was like a huge mess…this morning, even before that morning coffee and waffles……done

I know it’s not round, but it’s not a Eggo or whatever they’re called…and my daughter loves them, so my next job this morning…

and that’s how it went….no run today, so I figured I’d steal this idea from that Hungry Runner Girl….my day, or some of it in pictures and words…and yes, I know she ran quicker than I drive today.

and no, for me…oatmeal and blueberries, because, as much as I like waffles….not every day.

and did some decorating in our bedroom…am not sure how my wife will like the work, but, well, it inspires me?

I seem to do this stuff a while…..or always…

spent some time in the office and then, well…dinner!

Pasta sauce is for me anyway, a chance to get creative……and you need those veggies!

Okay, yeah, enough of that….will get back to that running thing tomorrow morning, early..the alarm is set for 5:30…..because, why not?

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