Okay that was a downer…how about something positive…

Today was good, the 2nd say of 2023….

This morning, I was pretty beat up and tired (and really old)

But the trick is, you register for a spin, you have to show up. Yeah, you could just not show up, which is awful, and well, even though I have a free membership because I look after SVACs Run Club…..well, it’s just not a good look.

It wasn’t until noon. I had a good breakfast, hydrated…….and well, I showed up…

It was a fun 45 minutes…lots of standing up, and yeah, worked up a pretty good sweat..

Then I ran…I didn’t really want to, but, I kind of forced myelf too, after bragging about how much fun a run after spin feels……..so, well, no one came with me….so, yeah. Sore and tired, why not a 5K?

Not as quick as yesterday/Sunday…..but it felt good. I’ve kind of have gone beyond the 10 and 1s, to just run when I can run, and if I need to stop to regroup, for a short walk, wait for a traffic light, whatever…tie a shoe lace……and just run.

My pace wasn’t all that amazing, and I’m paying for today with a little lactic acid…..but, a good night’s sleep, a little bit of foam rolling…stretching maybe….and I’ll be good.

Tomorrow evening, another run after a day of selling shoes….looking forward to it.

Yes, the world’s a mess, a run isn’t going to fix that. Writing emails and letters, donating, raising money, supporting, demanding change….maybe that’ll help……maybe not…I can’t do nothing…..

A good day, depressing thoughts…..it’s a new year, take a sad song and make it better?

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