January 4th, I’d better get to work.

It’s been a good 3 days so far…and well, it’s Wednesday, traditional dad makes waffles day in this house….not sure why that is……apparently I’m good at something…

Ran a 5K race on Sunday, a spin and a run on Tuesday, and then felt so good, went through my calendar and filled in and actually registered for a bunch of races and events for 2023……so here’s a list to make it look almost like real…

Feb 5thHypo 10K
Mar 5thSt Patricks Day 10K
April 23rdSt Albert 10 miler
May 7th5 Peaks Terwilligar 15K
May 27thBlackfoot Baby Ultra 25K
June 4th5 Peaks Whitemud 15K
July 8thSinister 7 Leg 6 32K
July 23rd5 Peaks Gold Bar 15K
Aug 26th5 Peaks Chickacoo 15K
Oct 1st5 Peaks Devon 15K

Nothing too huge..ok the 32K up the side of a mountain might be a challenge…..but, well, why not?

There may be a few changes, and possibly one triathlon somewhere in there…..but having goals, some more important than others, should help me focus…..

This morning’s challenge is picking up a walker for my senior father…..so, yeah, not a marathon, but, well, being a good son?

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