This is not how this year was supposed to begin?? I need a pep talk?

It’s Sunday.

I was supposed to run with friends this morning…well, they bailed (some friends huh?)…so, yeah I got pissed off and bailed as well……exuse the language, or maybe not….what a wimp ! (yes I was originally going to use a different word, but thought it might have been offensive.)

I need to find a new gang maybe…or a new attitide….I spent most of last year trying to reboot my life, partially I succeeded, but really, 2023 is not starting out great…the first week, I bailed on 3 groups runs….and have made this couch my friend…

Yeah, sure, there’s football on…the final weekend of the regular season…I’m not even sure who I’m cheering for – I used to like the Packers, but there are things that qback Aaron Rogers has said that pissed me off….so started cheering for the Seahawks and/or the Jets, but today, well….I’m just bored, pissed off at myself, and will watch just about anything……

You know, there’s so many ways this could be worse….but my head is, well, just not in the game?

Yesterday’s morning run was awesome, amazing, 5:30 AM on my own was a nice, and felt good….so why couldn’t I do that today?

The alarm went off at 7AM, I checked my phone, saw way too many negatives, so rolled over and went back to sleep….a losers move…

Tomorrow’s another day to start yet again……all over again…January 9th….9 days into January, I’ve had 3 good days. Not good 🙁

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