The BMO Vancouver Marathon booked…

Yep, registered, the flight is book (does anyone really want to fly anywhere now?)….but yep, West Jet has my money…..and yes, the full 26.2 miles, the 42K….

It’s been a while. My last marathon, was here in Edmonton, and it was not spectaular in the year 2015…2015!

That took me forever…4:56:48!….that sucked….I was a group leader so speed wasn’t the goal, but that’s a long time ago…I’ve run a ton of half marathons since, and yep, various legs of Sinister 7 four times (legs 2, 5 twice and 6)…..

The distance doesn’t worry me, and it just feels like it’s time to get back to the world of doing a full once a year….10 years, 10 marathons, and then I took a break to do other things I guess…

I’m going to aim my training as someone beginning again, so lots of runs, long runs, hopefully I can click onto a group to keep me moving in the right direction….am not looking to those 30+K runs on my own…I don’t mind 20K, but yeah, they’ll have to get done…but well, now I can focus on just one thing, just one run…I now know what I need to do every day….including rest and recovery…but, just train…with May 7th as the end goal, that goal….

I’ve never broken 4 hours in those 10 marathons, oddly enough my best was on Vancouver, back in 2004…4:04:55….I did a bunch of them with that as the norm……my Boston time for me is 3:50 at my advanced age…I have no desire to run the Boston Marathon….it’d be nice to know I could if I wanted to…..

This evening’s goal is a steady 6K run…I’ve got a group….tomorrow 10K…..on my own….and yep, signed up for a training clinic, and yes, posted for all to see that May 7th, I’d better be ready to run everyone one of those 26 miles….Yikes!

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