Asking for advice and help..why is it so hard ask?

I’m in there somewhere. In a group, possible alone though….but, well, different times. I miss those times…a lot of friends, active, lots of peole around me.

This is old..and just a bit of what I do…..

This is life right….things go along well, and then, well kids, and different issues there….handicapped and yes, just life…then your parents get older, and there are responsibilities there too,,,,,,,and then you look in the mirror, and yeah, there’s you too.

I know, I’ll go over blogs and seek out advice from others….a lot of them will say, look after yourself, and well, then, life?

There’s things that just cannot be pushed and put back……they’re need now?

I’m looking ahead…I know somthings I wanted to do and accomplish this year, 2023, are already gone…there’s just no way to even train for those goals…

But, what am I willing to punt, and will I have a choice….what if it’s a week before race day, and poof, nope?

I’ve got registrations in, I’ve got flight and accomidations booked….but, training for today…not happening!

and what comes with stress? I could sleep for a month…..

when you’re at the end of your nerves, and your nerves endings….maybe a run would feel good, but getting out of bed, getting off of the couch seems like the most impossible thing ever.

Today, this evening is Run Club Wednesday…..hopefully that’ll help me get out of this funk for an hour at least……

Right now, I have no idea what my life will be tomorrow, the next day, or for the weeks ahead….how the F do I create a training plan, how do I book a spin class or anything?……

I know that this isn’t new, and I’m not the only one trying to deal with, this, with life……how do create a road map when you have no idea how you’re going to go where you wanna go?

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