I’ll Run Later this morning I’ll whine

Life is just catching up with me, and not sure if it’s depression or frustraition or everything all at once.

Yep, my dad is still in the hospital, apparently for the next 4 to 6 weeks….had a transesesophageal echocardiogram, an infection was found, lots of antibiotics (guess open heart surgery was the other option, at 90, not an option)…..so there’s that

My daughter’s caregiver…my daughter is an autistc adult and needs constant supervison….the lady we have now from a local service, is a waste……basically a baby sitter that give my wife and I some freedom, but at the cost of a daughter that does basically nothing, and has just been regressing….and regressing……..and is basically not engaged, active, and spends 98 percent of her life in her bedroom, in bed doing nothing more than looking at 4 walls……..

I actually had a melt down Friday after spending time at home (I work from home a lot) and this person could even be bothered to prepare my daughters lunch….yes, I reacted badly..I think I swore a bit, stomped around, and after fixing my daughter her lunch finally got out for a run……..and now, well, our service says I was bad, and this caregiver wants me out of the house when she is her…so she can do what exactly?…so looking for options and someone else?

I was supposed to do a run this morning, a 10K race I was looking forward to, but, well, not in the mood…it might have made me feel better, or maybe gave me time to think, or think of something else…….but, this morning, I think I’m just going to mope and drink lots of coffee (which I was going to stop drinking!)…..maybe later…..

Life seriously isn’t the best…….

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