Tonight was good

A good ending to not a bad day……a 7K with my run club crew, started out with a learn to runner who had to give up after a minute…….not good. someone that’s trying to get back into this running thing after a long absence, because of a health issue that hasn’t quite resolved itself…..

So began with a very slow 2 and 1 (run two minutes, walk 1)…….while the rest of our Wednesday evening crew ran off in the other direction….

My partner bailed and headed back to her car, I started off in one direction, then looped arond to see if I could hook up with the crew…..I did, it just meant I was running up hill in their direction….and then when we connected, I got to blast back downhill with them…

A little bit of ice around, and I was actually glad that some people hadn’t cleared their sidewalks….that snow gave a little more traction.

The training so far this week has been good, and helped distract me a bit….

I’ve gone over the race and event schedule for the first half of this 2023…..a few challenges…..but with those goals in mind, a petty varied training plan…..i’m throwing in a bunch of cross training…..and I’ve figured on a few triathlons for the year, a sprint and an olympic distance…..a few-actually a lot – of off road races, a half and a full marathon….

My dad’s health is going to be an ongoing concern that may derail everything, I’ll have to build and be ready to improvise and shift training around that responsibility….but there’s 7 days in a week…24 hours….so fingures crossed for a good year, that we’re 40 days into


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