I Am Canadian!……and f-ing proud of it!

It seems sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that…….Canada is a fantastic country….built of diversity…we’re huge, but from sea to sea to shining sea, we are Canadians……

Rush, Tim Horton’s, William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, we are hockey…okay, yep, we are Nickelback too (seriously, I hate Nickleback too, but, well, some day I’ll listen to an entire tune, at some point)……Walk of the Earth, Shawna Twain….and yes, you don’t get more Canadian than Lululemon!

I don’t think we invented Yoga, but we definitley made it look better….

Sarah McLachlan, we have the best part of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls…..

While we sort of had a civil war way before we actually became a country, and yes at one point we may have been involved in burning down a previous version of the Whitehouse in 1812 (sorry about that, but was different times)…..

We argue, we differ, we debate, but come things like the World Cup of Soccer, we cheer for Canada!

Yep, Alphonso Davis…our Women’s team is pretty amazing too….

We’ll cheer as a country at next year’s Olympics as well, no matter where our athletes originated from..all of them…

There’s not a lot of us, but we are proud, we are free…..in 1968 our then Minister of Justice, Pierre Trudeau, decided that it shouldn’t be a crime to be gay, he said, the government has no place in the bedrooms of our nation…..wow huh?…the rest of the world is still trying to catch up…….

Diverse, is there a culture, a religion, and ethnic food not present…the best Chinese food I’ve eaten, was in a restaurant owned by a Ukrainian family in northern Alberta….you don’t get more diverse than that…..

At the celebration of our music festival, the Canadian Juno Awards, the host will be the one and only

yep, Simu Liu……how cool is that…a Canuck, a fan (I think) of the Vancouver Canucks!…..

Seriously…I haven’t spent enough time any further east of maybe Gimli Manitoba, but this is my home, and I’m pretty sure every Canadian feels the same way….

and yes, I call the Prairies my home…but love the west wet coast

You guys know where Pam Anderson’s from right?

Um, and where did Kiss’ Gene Simmons come to find a wife, yep playboy’s Shannon Tweed

Our Prime Minster and his wife made it to the cover of American Vogue and Rolling Stone…seriously…

Justin Bieber………we’re everywhere…

I don’t know why I woke up this morning and thought more of us need to say this…but, yeah, Canada rocks…..we always have, always will, despite our differences…….no matter where or when, as Classified said, I AM CANADIAN!

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