A Run for my Head. Why worry right?

After a wasted Friday…..didn’t really feel like doing much, so didn’t….a good visit with my mom and sister after they visited with my dad at the hopital…so lots of wine and food….

This morning, wasn’t much, but finally got my butt out the door for a an okay I did it 6K…..

One of my newer few routes around my hood…a bit of a hill, lots of ice (it was pretty slick in places)…..

It’s always sweet to just get outside…..I know I have a long run planned for tomorrow….so the 6K today was good, about 12K tomorrow…next week is going to be a run, bike, swim week, with a lot of time leaning towards the run part…..

I love running in winter….the snow looks awesome, never have to worry about over heating….and just fresh cool air just seems so right

Looking forward to the rest of the day….eating, relaxing, planning the week to come……

I always keep re-thinking things, but I’m thinking about kicking things back a bit..I’m 64, I can’t train like I’m 20….I have nothing to prove to anyone else, just me…..so yeah, one focus each day, focus on diet and my head…..and recover.

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