a sad past

I’m sorry…..

I don’t usually care about much, really, not even about how others feel about me

I know I’m not an easy person to connect with, I’m just me, I can’t change that

But, sometimes I regret things, things that I don’t understand

I really don’t know where some things come from.

I once worked with 4 four amazing people.

I lucked out, I managed to hire these four that made our store a fun place to be…..it was perfect.

It was social, and it was a place I loved to be……..

It was great for a few years, and then something changed…..

I don’t know what, or how?

I suddenly became the worst person on the planet, four people, well, hated me….and that’s a kind word, it was worse…

I struggled, I’m struggling to understand, or get over it…

It was sad, and still is……it bothers me that I don’t understand

Maybe I’m not supposed to, I know, I know, just get over it and let it go

I’ve been told that a lot……but, well…it was such a special time, with such special folks…..people.

I  miss them, I miss that time…..and, I don’t know what happened, I know it was me…something I said, did, or maybe just the way I am………

I guess, time moves on, I’ll hang on to the good memories….but….

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