I’m shutting down for a week.

No pix today…..I’ve decided to release the pressure….

Last week, I had a couple of great days…everything before, everything after has been nothing….I went for a short run Saturday, and have not done a thing today…..was going to, just no get up and go

I’m going to just let things go for 7 days,,,,,reboot maybe,,,,but yeah, things are not going well…..some minutes are good, the rest not so much….

A step away from my lonely blog…..and a week away from things, and see what happens after that…maybe a break is what my head needs…

There’s a lot of other things going on in my life and around me that are more important…..I’m not sure where I need to be, what I need to be doing when, my head seems to be spinning a lot…….the runs have helped a bit, but then reality bites, and you it never goes away……

I just need to rethink things……a year I thought would be great, isn’t starting out all that good. I have a lot of plans, Great plans…I keep thinking I’m kidding myself that I’d be able to do any of them….life just isn’t heading into that direction…I’ve got a trip to a half marathon in Vancouver planned and paid for….I right now, am pretty sure I’m not going…..which is going to kill me, or well, will just be really disappointing…….but, well, I guess, that’s life



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