Reflections. Two Good Days

Yesterday turned out to be an okay day…..after a morning meeting though, a bit of a dead end.

I had planned on a swim, but, well, my chosen pool was packed.

There seeems to be a shortage of places to swim laps…..a few are closed for renovations, and one forever, which fills what we have left…….I may eventually have to suck it up and just jump in and see what swimming in a congested pool is like.

I guess it’ll be like swimming in a pool during a triathlon, just pick a spot and go…..and pace…so that’ll I guess be part of the training….

I ended up just driving to a trail I like, hit a route, and ended up with a pretty nice 6K

It wasn’t cold, wasn’t warm…and there’s some ice on the trails….I was pretty stiff and sore after Sunday’s run and strength session, I just wanted to blow off some lactic acid…..started off on a level route, and well, then a bit of an incline, okay a hill……..

funny thing, maybe odd, I started to track my distances using miles rather than using metric……but, every so often I forget…Sunday for instance, I looked at my watch after a longer run, and saw the number 5????….I should have been closer to 10K…and then, yeah, miles!

I had a few plans for today, but just began selling shoes and working the store…….and it was a good day. some challenges, but a good customer day, lots to do, lots done….all good……in my happy place

I had planned a evening run…but, after a couple of hard days, snow on the ground, a little colder out, and my turn to cook diner……so, yeah, chill…

Came across these vids on YouTube by a group called Playing for Change…love them..even though I know everone playing and singing are doing it randomly, but it’s all edited all together really well….so you can’t tell…but people around the planet playing something pretty positive and uplifting, so kind of good for a day of affirmation?

Tomorrow…am planning two runs, and some quality time at home in-between….looking forward to tomorrow…


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