Unemployeed. Retired. Option Hunting…

Yep, I know, I’ve posted that pix before….but it was good times, the best of times….

I’m walking away….seriously, I am retired, do I need to work 3 or 4 hours a week? Not really…it’s nice, a nice way to get out of the house, to keep that connection to that running room running being active community….but, well, do I need those hours, that, basically $80 a week before taxes….and yeah, paying income tax….

I know some people are losing their minds that I’m doing this….and yes, they’ve seen this picture before…..at least once a year or so, I try to resign…..the seond last time I was talked out of it by someone way up the ladder that gave me a pretty special vote of confidence….that felt really good, that positive reaffirmation…… then about 2 years ago I asked to be able to step back from managing our store (seriously I’m retired, do I need to work 6-7 days a week?)….and did…and it’s been okay doing that…again, the nature of the store matches my lifestyle, my availability…..my head……but I do get obsessed, and go over and beyond and too engaged?…wanting to do all things at once….but now, well, 3 to 4 hours a week…..?

I still have my virtual clinics, and I really like that, and would like to get back to in-store, but, well, do I want to become a personal trainer…or even a certified personal trainer?….yes, it would be kind of cool to have clients….so why not? It’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing, and could lead and instruct….the virtual sometimes seems difficult…. I understand it, I understand the benefits….Zoom meets, connecting with people in remote areas that wouldn’t otherwise be able to get that instruction and coaching….interaction…but, not being able to see and run with those in the clinics is a challenge…..I mean, are they evening running?

So what do I want to do?

RUN! BIKE! SWIM!…and keep on learning too…the whole landscape keeps changing, and there’s a lot to understand, so yes…all of that and more…..but yeah, why not d something on my own?

And yes, I cannot believe I’m not going to Vancouver this year?

So yeah, a huge life change….with aging parents, older autistic children…more home time would be good….

I am currently taking a couple of on-line courses that could lead to certification…with the North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals, and with the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association …..so not sure what they’ll get me too, but why not? I’ll have the time….

Tonight is Run Club night with my Running Room crew….-20C tonight, so will see who shows up….but a part of my life. the goal is to make it bigger and bigger….and I am still involved with the SVAC crew on Tuesdays and Sundays……

I am thinking/hope to become involved with our Running Room events crew, but, well, I have no idea what that entails…..but, something once a month would be good……just more to do, being a do-er not a watcher…

Life goes on…and the search for that next step continues..who wants to go for a run

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