OMG Am I sore!…and that’s a good thing

It’s Friday…it’s been a pretty good week….sweet even (sweat?)

Monday was a nice 6K run….

Tuesday, a strength workout, sold shoes, and then finished off with an almost 7K run

Wednesday an 8K Run

Thursday Strength ti begin a tuff 45 minute spin class and finished off with more strength

and today…..a little bit of an upper body strength session and then another 45 minute spin…which was actually a spin and strength with weights….so that was amazing…

Tomorrow, I’m taking a rest day… have been contemplaiting a 5K run at 5:30, but nah, I need to recover, get up late, eat and chill.

That’s an important part of this right?……the training, but letting the body build itself up afterwards, is just as much….so yeah, tomorrow, get caught up on homework and things a dad and husband has to do……laundry? some house painting……and plan Sunday…a long run and some strength…

Strength training is going good…I’m in no danger of being a power lifter, and something is going on with my back and shoulders that makes seated db presses a bit of a challenge, but a machine makes shoulder training do-able…..

I don’t know if deadlifts and leg presses will make be a quicker runner, but everything I know, everything I see, says that this is the right way to go……it’ll make my running posture better…so it can’t hurt… to add felxibility..


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