Run Swim and be Happy

Today was a good day…..I didn’t hesitate, as soon as I was able to leave the house, I did….

A quick stop for gas, and hello the Kinsmen Sport Centre and the Edmonton River valley…

The state of the run was tough…my back and quads have been really stiff and sore over the last while…everything seems to feel better once I start moving..

I did have a route planned when I began…..but well, then you see a set of stairs

I usually run down this set, but for some reason, why not?

It’s part of a route I used to do all the time….this morning felt like the right time to reacquaint myself with it..

it worked out to be a 8.45K run…..but felt great…the sun was out, there was a lot of ice in places, and a bit chill….but felt just so good.

The best part of the day……I finally got into a pool.

Forever, finding somewhere to get into a pool and do a few laps has been impossible…..and when I do find a pool, it’s always crazy busy..this morning not so much…

a 25 meter lane, but all to myself….1000 meters, 25 minutes….but yep, felt alright for a great start to a pretty good, maybe a great day…

made a great dinner for the family, and then, the final evening with Learn to Run virtual clinic….10 weeks over and done with, the next round begins in April…….this was a smaller group, 18, from pretty much from every corner of this country….

I’ve been trying to keep myself to a run every other day, but, well, I need to reboot and get back on track, so a good run yesterday evening, a pretty good run this morning..and yep, tomorrow, let’s see what the day brings..

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