Ch Ch Ch Changes

Not sure why I like or use this picture so often….way too often it’s me…..more and more

I need to get back to this….and I think that’s happening..

Yep, I can’t remember the year..but that’s me way in the background…..I like that, me, I sometimes actually like me….and again, going thru changes….does everyone change?….Looking for something, anything..

Life now is about so many virtual clinics…..I love that..I miss in-person, and sometimes if one of the virtual people happens to be local, we actually get to meet……and run together. But, there is still looking for that spark, that Learn to Runner that starts not sure, and starts to understand the breathing, understands it’s about the effort, or effortless….and there’s that lightbulb moment right?…and even better, when I cross paths with someone that’s taken one of my clinics years later, and they’re still running….

Last summer at the Edmonton Marathon, I just took on the 10K option, and a couple of those that were in the 10K clinic that just finished….and was ready to go at the start, and came up with a thank you at the end…and are still running…how cool is that..

Anyway I have more of those coming time to get organized, work on that curriculum, line up guest speakers to talk about things I’m not an expert on – nutrition and a physio to discus injuries, and usually someone to talk sport bras – ..

And well, now I’ve gone from selling apparel and footwear and running stuff to setting up and tearing down race events!

Yeah, I land on my heels….not a big deal, as long as the foot lands beneath that center of gravity…

So yeah, yesterday, I made that move…I’m hired, I’m a 64.4 year old with a new job, new skills, and new fun….and yeah, a lot of my weekends are now spoken for……but all good.

Apparently we have about 50 events to look after this year, there are only 52 weekends in a year, so that’s a lot of events every weekend…so instead of doing this

(please don’t look at that time… was like a tour of NYC)……and I’ll be the guy tearing all that down…exciting huh?

So a change…or a little improvisation, innovation… first event isn’t untl May, but I’m looking forward to this….

Saturdays have become my rest and recovery day (yep, I looked, there are a lot of Saturday events coming up)…’s snowing, I need to do some house and home stuff…catch up on laundry, a stairway to paint, and yeah make dinner…..because I’m part time, my wife is full time, I’m taking on more and more household chores, well because….well, unlike some of my fellow men, I didn’t go from my mom doing everything to expecting my wife to…I know how to cook, clean, and yes iron…it ain’t rocket science….

Anyway, back to work…a 12+K run to plan for tomorrow, for Sunday…and well……lots of coffee..

What I do, sometimes…..

2 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. Hey Warren, I applaud your determination my friend. WOW, we are the same age! Yes! You continue to forge ahead, because not everyone has the type of determination or spunk you have to run a marathon, let alone a 5K! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ This is awesome! Congratulations! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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