Having trouble focusing,,,,

This is typical me, a typical day……

The goal was to eat healthy..started off with two cups of coffee I didn’t need, then a Starbucks with lots of calories, and then tonight, because the kids asked, a McDonald’s McChicken and a Coke.)

The plan this morning was a spin, some strength work…..and that didn’t happen.

I finally got out of the house, late……and, well…went for a run…..

I don’t know, I do this way too often….I finally get out the door….I vacillate … seriously I didn’t have any idea where I was going and my run route…..nothing planned….

And yes, the Kinsmen Sport Centre, the Edmonton River Valley, the same old, same old….same old my go to route, but there was a reason.

Not sure if all know, but two of our Edmonton Police Force were killed in the line of duty last week, the funeral was today….so being in the Valley, close to the city centre procession, and lots of blue ribbons everywhere……

The run was good….started out a 5K, forgot to hit the start button on my watch a few times, ended up just over 9K….and for some reason I decided to add a few stairs in the route, and lots of ice, slippery sections…….but a good, nope a great run.

So now, planning the rest of the week..

I’m really not aiming at anything right now…..maybe a few things in August and October, but things have changed, life changes….so, training has become, just training….with no goal…maybe that’ll be this week….working on that plan….

Goals, I need a solid goal, one goal, one goal to aim at, and training with that in mind, that one, or the next goal…

There were a few things odd this morning……I’ve decided to stop wearing my winter shoes, my Saucony Peregrine Ice + have been retired at least until hopefully next winter.

I still needed gloves and to cover up the ears this morning, hopefully that ends soon……

I’ve gotta get rid of a lot of weight….well, maybe not so much, but yeah, I guess because I’m eating crap, I don’t need to diet, just again focus…..real food dammit.

So a goal? Get fit, stay fit, and be me…more of me…..and hope that short and t-shirt season starts soon…


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