I just went for a run…..

started out the day watching a bit on a runner named Mary Lollar.


71 year old, ran every day for 3 years?….kind of inspiring.

As usual I screwed around most of the morning, wonder, oh my what should I do?

Did some grocery shopping to kill some time…and then, well, I went for a run

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was going to swim as well, but really, I just needed a good adventurous 5K to clear my head….and to get in touch with my inner Tom Sawyer?

I found ice…..

Yeah, eve though spring has arrived, the paths, at least some of them weren’t exactly HOKA friendly….

I think life is about to get a little busy, or busier…..so, I’ll have to get my fun done when I can…

I think I’ve settled on a plan…..I’m just going to train, and as events, races present themselves, I’ll do them….

I’ve had to already had to punt a few, jusr too many things to do all at the same time on the same days, but leaves a lot of days still with a lot of fun…….my guess is trails runs, possibly at least 1 triathlon….and let’s say a half marathon in Edmonton in August…and possibly another half in Victoria in October….

I just added more virtual clinic, a 5K …to go along with the Learn to Run and 10K……my days should be pretty full….

and working events and races….yeah, active in more ways than ever..

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