pretty good, maybe better than last week?

Hit the gym this morning…finally got my ass back at it…….

I wasn’t sure how’d I feel, fit in after almost a two week absence, but all good.

My happy place, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC)….

I had a blast…..bench on the smith machine, seated rows, shoulder presses back on the smith, lat pulldowns, seated db curls….

then SPIN!!!!!

45 minutes of fun!…….It was hard, and yeah, loved it, the tunes were great (it’s been a lifetime since I heard Blister in the Sun!)

I hadn’t been a fan of spin bikes, but it was perfect….

and my legs were trashed…..Monday’s day of runnin’ and swimmin’ wore me out, today even more..

so why not?….I thought my legs were going to fall off….

Then back to the gym

leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises, tri pushdowns…and COFFEE!!!!

A great morning…..and well, I did make dinner….and managed to avoid the news…, even better!

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