After a Busy 3 days a day off….

wow…after a pretty active 3 days, I need to recover…so lots of work around the house, lots of emails, message phone calls to get caught up on…..and groceries.

yesterday evening was good….we managed a group fo 10, about half really quick, and the rest of us just having fun…managed just over 5K, and it was fun, we had fun…which is what this should be all about…so glad I have this Run Club to work with..hopefully it continues to get bigger.

I had planned a run and a swim this morning, and going for 10 miles tomorrow/Friday/Good Friday…..but this morning, the head and the body just said, NOT TODAY!

I’m listening to those advisers……this looking after 3 run clinics, is a bit of work….it seems my regularly scheduled emails and the Zoom meets, but there are a lot of random emails from concerned participants so that’s always good to see, but keeps me busy…

so a day of curriculums, tracking down guest speakers….making sure I have all the bases covered….all prepped for tonight’s 10K group, our first meet…..

and planning for Easter Weekend….I need to run, maybe swim, pump some iron, and time to get a set of bike tires spinning…


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