I just got called out……

I teach/instruct clinics, a lot of them….and maybe it’s a bad habit, and not something until now I’ve never thought about. Until now.

So, talking to one of my clinics, I refered to the group as guys, as in ‘hey guys’ I’ve got to change that….

I apparently also made the mistake? of going over our 10 week curriculum, and having including a special session on women and exercise. It’s something I’ve always made a point of including, addressing things that for some reason never get enough attention.

I didn’t think it was a wrong thing to do so….the history of women in sports is awful. the way women have been treated, the expectations, the ignorance….how many female athletes have had their health, their lives ruins because of that ommision.

I think, I beleive everyone that coaches women atheletes should be confortable with saying the word, menstraition. It’s not good enough for an underpaid female to be employeed to deal with lady issues. Nutritional forcuses, health, just basic female health….so, yeah, but for some reason I received blowback from someone in this clinic because of that……I really confused as to the why………

So will work on the vernacular, will learn to address all issues, and yes I did apologize, hopefully that takes…..I get it, I understand, and will refocus..and probably won’t sleep for the rest of my life wondering how to fix this…..


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