Another great day…and yep, Queen….

Yep, I’ve never watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody..and have no desire to…..and yes, I am old enough to be able to see I woke on that day and watched this live……

why yes, that is grey hair, I need to shave….and figure out some way to get younger….

Today was pretty cool…and why I love being a runner…and oh yeah, got my tri bike ready to roll… just need the roads to be swept, because OMG how much gravel and sand did they have to use?

A good run..a little exploring, a little improvisation….and voila just over 7K, a 6:18 pace…I must have been on drugs or was being chaced by a dog…..but fet okay

It’s spring, There’s something called snow mold, and my body hates it and it hates me……so wheezing and running…but still running

I do not know why my energy feels so up…..the body and the head just seems to want to do stuff…a good thing…

I know there are a few issues..light headed afterwards a lot, but I’m guessing it’s just the season….

An easy run planned for tomorrow morning…talking to the learn to runners about footwear….and then….I’m not sure


2 thoughts on “Another great day…and yep, Queen….

    • Hey Anne. Two things, I’m going to say, if you can connect with someone you can start out with. I did the try it on my own when I first started, it wasn’t until I hooked up with a group of runners, some more experienced, some not that more experienced than myself. The other, shoes. The right footwear make a difference. Again finding a store that caters to runners if you can. There are more choices than ever, but to start out you want to right amount of support if you need it, cushioning…something that fits well, and is comfortable.
      And start slow. start with walking broken up with a run….if this is just starting out….start with a 10 minute walk, a 1 minute run….every week, shorten the walk to 9 minutes, a 2 minute run..eventually you’ll get to a point where the run with be 10 minutes, the walk 1……it’s a process, paitence, and consistency….remember that…..and yeah, just reach out to me as well….it’s what I do

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