Running just makes me feel so positive!

Sometimes, way too often, I have to remind myself of that simple truth..a run just makes me feel, right?

A run at the start or the beginning of the day just works…..

I’m possibly the most negative person on the planet…self-esteem is not my M.O…..honestly, I pretty much hate myself.

A run, a bike ride, strength training, whatever…..just fits in..all just makes me feel more like me…

I know, I know, I look like Gollum from lord of the rings….but yeah, this morning’s 8K just had me being me…..I quick visit with my Running Room folks, a good chat, and the rest of the day has been so right…..

Stopped in at my fave coffee spot…

something fattening, with lots of caffine and I’m even better…..cranked up the tunes on my ancient CD playing in my Altima…I need a new vehicle….

yeah..the 80s ROCKED>>>>>

So what was it about this morning’s run in particular….JUST DOING IT!…NIke is right…

Step out the door – okay car door, I drove to my starting point – and go…

Yes it’s raining, yes it’s a little cool….but just go, you know you want to right?

I set my watch to 10 and 1 intervals, but when a walk break popped up, I just sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes nah….

can you please spell Gabbana….

anyway, yeah, NYC has been stuck in my mind for some reason lately…maybe multiple viewings of the Devil Wears Prada?…;’s been 14 years?….OMG, time to go back?..

This turns 65 in January, so maybe in 2024?

Yeah, a positive Tuesday..a positive blog day……..things just feel right, things are going to be okay…..

and yeah, this is for someone

I’ve almost got over a friendship… least I thought it was……so, maybe a positive…..two positives = a negative?….whatever..

feeling groovy..


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