making a runner. why I do what I do

It’s work but it feels so good to do.

A friend of mine keeps giving me shit for sticking to the Running Room…I was manager at one time, before and after only a sales person, always instructing run clinics and looking after our run club……because, well, I really don’t make any money doing any of it.

In fact, well it’s tax season, it’s costing me a bit….

I just do it, because I love doing what I do…..

Yesterday morning’s Learn to Run/5K clinic for instance….I’m always a nervous wreck before, getting organized, getting the Zoom all set up right….yesterday was going to be on my iPhone, and just could that working right….so I had to get the MacBook fired up, so a bit late, but once we started going, it was good…

I covered a little bit about motivation, stretching and warming up before a run, the run…nutrition before, during and afterwards…..then cooling down, then we got into shoes, we talked stride, and it felt so good when we were done…I cover a lot in our hour+.

Now I’ve got to get together a week of emails, my regularly scheduled things, and then just the interaction with everyone in the 3 clinics….that’s almost 80 participants…some with some experience, some with a lot, and some that are taking their first steps….but it’s what makes my heart tick.

When I was a in the store employee, one of my bosses kept telling me that I shouldn’t be in our store when I’m not being paid….I didn’t care…..I just did what I thought I had to do…..if I got paid, great, if not, so what……?

And as for the clinics and run club, it’s stuff I would do for free….it just is, and this all inspires me as well…

I’ve had a pretty slack April…and March wasn’t all that great… what’s left, I’ve got to get my ass back out and about….running….try and get active between yard work and house work…….

The thing I’ve got to remember why I do anything…I enjoy it…’s just what I love to do….and what I’m doing, but I do have t teach myself that there’s more to life than putting everything I’ve got into this stuff…yes stuff…

I do find that I do get worn down…but then, well, you see a vid of someone runnings, you cross paths with someone that once took a run clinic from you, and well, that makes life worth living….

I’ve got to keep surrounding myself with more positive people, and and runners..and I need to do what I love, what I’m passionate about…and just, well…..understand that…

life huh

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