The influence of watching the Boston Marathon…

Weird, but until yesterday morning, I don’t think I’ve ever watched from beginning of the broadcast to the end….and wow, I’m glad I did.

I have no illusions of ever making the qualifying times to actually ever to run Boston, but, well it is Boston.

The best part ws watching the side by side shots…the leaders, the elites….and watching that form….the mechanics.

That visualization, those clues…yeah, watching them all moving, running quicker than I drive possibly, but the perfect form…and, yep, what we runners are supposed to do.

That stride.

and even though I do look like I just woke up….not woke, but just woke up…maybe, but yesterday, and this morning, I focused on what I learned.

There’s an actual reason that we all do those A, B and Cs…..high knees, butt kicks…and what ever that third one is….what is it called anyhow? I say it’s like rolling a keg under a bench, some say it’s like pawing the ground like a pony….but those runners…racers had it down pat, and then yesterday, especially this morning, I actually did drills…..worked on that form…

And it worked. At least it felt so good.

This morning started off as maybe not….I had my doubt…but headed for my home away from home, or heaven, the River Valley and the Kinsmen…headed east, a went well..

I always look at these markings under the Walterdale Bridge….those mark the height of the North Saskatchewan a few times in history….and you see this, then you look at where the river is today

The best part of this route, I start up hill…..get’s my heart rate up…the pace is forced to be slower, I have to work hard to keep up the pace…but it makes the rest that much better…

As soon as I got to the top, I paid attention to the kick…..then headed off for a little off road, and picked up the pace, and decided to explore a bit here and there…..and loved it

Then to finish off the 7K -ish….a sprint across the bridge…a fartlek maybe

A fantastic two days….I’m still not aiming at anything. Just running, having fun, enjoying the runs….looking after the group runs, the virtual clinics….I’m keeping busy, doing what I love to do……

Maybe there’ll be a full marathon in October…..a half marathon in August…..but, a summer of fun…the countdown to turning 65?


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