Life in a many races did it take me to?

This has a lot of history in it…..was new in 2006….222,325 kilometers (138,146 miles) later – sure I could run that! – that’s 17….still a teenager, but well, like an aging brother I guess, it’s time is done. It still looks so young, so sharp, but, it’s the insides that are starting to go….aparently worn out suspension, the power stearing is about to go…it happens to the best of us…

I bought it in I think the summer of 2006, and it took me to Grande Cache and Death Race, Leg 2….Leg two…wow

My favorite memories are those when I get a huge by random people after I finish….otherwise, what’s the point of finishing?

Even the years I flew to races, that Nissan took me to the airport…..but man so much history, I could write a book.

Ironman Triathlons in Penticton….twice

A few trips to the Sinister 7 race in Crowsnest Pass

That car has been a part of a pretty active life…it’s story has been a huge part of my life….bikes on the roof, wet suit in the trunk….spilled I don’t know how much on the interior, drove into the garage at least once with this bike on the roof

Ride’s to conquer cancer….

I am not sure what’ll get next….leaning towards to something Subaru maybe….will it last through 17 more years…

The car’s 17 years old, I’m 64.4…..17 years of stories…throwing everything into the truck in that Grande Cache hotel parking lot, along with the keys……yikes – lucky for me, with keys inside that car, the doors won’t lock!

It’s taken me swimming…..the family to the west coast and back and survived….

an amazing journey…so, next

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