One Run. A start. A finish. all Okay.

The plan was to run this morning, at least when I went to bed yesterday evening.

This morning, I wasn’t sure…..a night with not a lot of sleep, woke up tired, a little shaky even.

Then figured, why not get out and go somewhere, run, maybe for just 6K and see how that goes.

Drove to my fave river valley spot….and well, the reason I like that spot, the Kinsmen Sport Centre, it’s far enough away from home, so it’d be stupid not running…..ya gotta do something.

The start was rough…at least to start. For some reason every run now starts with a sore lower back…am not sure what that’s all about….and the thing aout the start…I could start off going west, which wuld be flat…but east, means I start off climbing, getting that heart rate going up…that always seems to help me set myself up for a good run…it gets me going…also there’s a washroom at the top of the hill….some mornings that important…

It was a bit of a struggle, but at some point, well at the spot I usually cross the river and head back to the start, I figured, why not keep going?

So I did…and OMG, yes, there was a hill…..yes a hill..I knew it was trhere, I’d forgotten how much of a climb…..yikes

Whenever something gets hard to do, it just feels so good and right..

I liked the route…some of it off road and not on pavement…and yes, eventually down hill…

Once I got to 10K, and realized how far I was from where I began…just kept going….13K…I know, I know, just 8 miles…

The overall average pace was fine…during the run I did find a spot to reflect and interesting, when I realized how quickly at that point I was adding up those kilometers, the easier it was to keep on going…

So 13K..a really good week, still the weekend to go..

I’m still working on the On Cloud Surfers….they still feel good. It does seem like my toes are really getting used to that toe box..but the cushioning still feels s go….I did concentrait on the stride, mimicking my ABCs.…and that felt so right, so natural.

It’s interesting how, after a run like this, you feel like you could take on the world…..a Half Marathon in Edmonton..that’ll be do-able…so my aim is that. I do know I want to do something, somewhere in the fall….a Full Marathon?…..maybe…but, based on just one run?…we’ll, let’s contemplait that..later….I still have to find that new car, which will eat up some of my disposable cash>

Maybe a return to Victoria?

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