I Ran Today

I love running……

No matter how boring, or dull my day is.

Days that I feel awful, or feel like doing nothing..

I just need to go for a run…

Today was that day….

I woke up. It was kind of a disappointing start.

I’d planned on an early start, maybe a 10K..and one point I was going to take a part in a 10 mile race this morning, so that may be why I was not really jumping out of bed…my training wasn’t really focused, so 10 miles this morning was out of the question…

My 13K run Friday (which is about 8 miles) was a bit of a test, and well, maybe not.

So breakfast…stuck on the couch, watching TV, on this thing catching up on things…some on-line car shopping – yes I’m in the market – and then finally at about 1 o-clock….it was either lunch or more coffee….

I grabbed my shorts (yeah!) a long sleeve shirt (yep, still my NYC Marathon 2009) and stepped out the door.

I kind of had a route in mind…as usual, I’m never completely sure.

It was a weird run..not a lot of people were out…and not one Sunday afternoon runner…..down to the end of our crescent, and instead of straight, and through the park, I hung a left…..the pile-ons were still out from the morning’s race….which was odd I thought….the St Albert Road Race was a 9AM start, so by 1PM, the race was over..but I guess a reminder of another race not done (I bail on a lot of races…everything has to be perfect, or I just don’t bother)

A short run down the trail, and the first path onto the trails…

Lately I’ve been breaking up all of my training runs into intervals, usually 10 and 1s (run 10 minutes, walk 1)…but today, just set the watch, I took a few short breaks, but pretty much a continuous run…

I did a loop that i’ve run before…oddly enough it’s my usual first thing in the morning 5:30AM route….but decided today, why not in the daylight..some paved paths, around a manmade lake, up a hill past a firehall…and yes the Bee garden….

I like it because I don’t really have to think, just run….

The shorts felt right, the On Cloud Surfers on my felt good (though, I seem to have developed some soreness below my right big toe, and a knee issue of some sort)….

at one point, my pace was under 5 minutes a kilometre which was a suprise, I ended up with my average at 6:21….which is okay for just under 6ks…….so okay…I want to really pick things up…but, well, I’m 64.4, and not a kid anymore….can I get stronger.

I never have made a point of being quick, I just like running comfortably…enjoying the run..if I’m a 5:30 or a 6:30, whatever, I just want to enjoy myself.

My stride has become a thing with me lately…..my A B Cs…..watching that Boston Marathon last week somehow managed to spark something n me, so now, at some point during in every run, I seem to want to concentraite on the whole stride….that whole kick, contact and a follow through……that’s knew…I, unti, just ran….

The goal was 6K, sothat was good and okay….this turned out to be a 43K week…it;s been a while since of run that number for my week…..now the trick will be to continue that…week to week…it’s summer!

The journey continues…am really feeling positive after this week……the trick will be to continue on the same path.

I’m 253 days away from turning 65….OMG, 65!?

So, 253 days to get my shit together…..

Time to downsize?…Maybe? ….. My life for what’s left of 2023 is pretty much already planned…

Financially we’re okay…..so from now on, maybe it’s time to start acting like I want to be and try and make every day count, on me being me?

Us being us?

I’m thinking of that Mamas and Pappas song right now; do what you want to do, be where you want to be?….

and be committed…..

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