A Pretty Good day ends with a Run

Yeah, I need a little work on the selfies.

Today was a good day of working the run club and clinics and running….what could be better?

The run was good….when I looked at who showed up I thought maybe we should cut things short, but as soon as we started moving, yep, followed the original plan..

A little exploring, I love hearing the words ‘I’ve lived in St Albert my whole life and don’t know where we are?’ So a little exploring and an amazing pace…that felt soooooo goooood….

It’s what I do, what I love to do….I got to spend time at the store, except for some house and yard work, today was all running, running room, run club, and planning ahead….all good.

Feeling positive, which is what this should be….some dark clouds on the horizon, but for now…I think life is okay….

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