Me………yes, my politics.

Yep, that’s me and my younger sister…I think I was 50 in that picture, the evening before the 2009 NYC Marathon.

I’m me, have always been me….

I lean to the left, always to the left….there’s a lyric I once heard that has always stuck with me that went

grow up you grow up me grow up together free to be.

Free To Be – YouTube

Everything in that song speaks to me…

So yes, when I vote, I vote Liberal, NDP…..

I have a Ukrainian Flag hung up in my front room window, and a Canadian Flag on the other side….I do own a rainbow flag..and an awful lot of t-shirts that scream PRIDE……I’m not gay, but bristle whenever anyone tries to take that right away…

honestly I know it sounds like a thing, but I don’t nor have ever seen differences, and don’t really care about differences, and yes, I do get angry when anyone does……race is something I do when I run or bike, it’s a word that was created to create division, it has no relivance….

I hate censorship, but I understand it, and I believe in free speech, but with that there is a responsibility. Using speech to promote hatred, to demean peoples, to promote violence against groups of peoples…..there’s right, and not right.

I am a Ukrainian Canadian and am proud of that……but, there are times I wish I was Jewish ( I love the traditions, food, and humour!)……..there are other times I wish I was Punjabi….both the traditions, and yes the food… of my favorite friends is….a dear friend.

Where I went to school, where I grew up, I was surrounded with friends and neighbours that couldn’t have been more multicultural..that may have had a huge influence on how I now am.

I made a huge number of wrong turns as I grew up….where I wanted to be at one time ( a teacher or a rock star?) didn’t happen….and yeah, should have gone to University…but now, at almost 65, things have turned out well.

I’m always concerned how others view or see me……I’ve lost a few friends that I really miss, and have no idea why?…yes, the past is past, but that doesn’t make it feel better or right…

I make rash decisions. I can make a decision on the spur of the moment..leave jobs, buy a car, turn left instead of right….

I worry a lot…always…..

I do cry often…..movies can do that to me (even Disney movies…the end of Encanto)……

Music…I love everything and anything….whether I’m putting together tunes for in my car, at the store or at a party, Motorhead before something by Anne Murray, or opera before a tune my Metallica is my normal….and yes bangra and something all in French….rap and the Dixie Chicks…again, I don’t see the difference.

I’m always working on my language….I was recently called out for using the word guys when speaking to a group of runners….something I’ve always done, and am now working on making a change….it’s hard, but I understand..

I don’t like Chris Rock..his humour leaves me cold…..used to be a fan of the late George Carlin, now not so much…..I still laugh at old time comedians like Don Rickles and Alan King, Red Skelton….I know now that some of their bits would not now be considered appropriate, but the thing I’ve noticed now, it was never derogerity nor mean…nor was not meant to be, it was just what it was….I know, while watching Dean Martin or Foster Brooks pretending make being drunk funny was awful…but was funny…still is…

What was done to Sammy Davis Jr. was awful, but am proud to say that his first major network appearance was in Canada, I am proud with that, and proud to be Canadian.

I do know the awful history of this country, and appreciate our Liberal governments actions to try and make things right….yes, we had the Underground Railroad, and yes we did protect those American slaves that made their way here, but also know that segregation is our history too…..also, Canadian indigenous men that signed up to fight for us in the WW2 we’re not considered Canadians when they returned home, and were not allowed to vote….that’s the dark side of our history, and needs to be taught in schools….

I support farmers and ranchers….they feed us…the oil, gas, and coal industry doesn’t.

Yes, climate change is real…it’s always happened, but to think that the human race has no effect on our climate is to believe that building a neighborhood on farm land doesn’t affect our food supply…..we need clean air, clean water….we need water….

More and more people need to spend time outside

I love Vancouver

I could eaily move or live there tmorrow…expensive, but my idea of heaven…

I know, I do have to get more social… need people….

Honestly, life right now is okay…could it be better, could I be richer…..but I feel okay, at the end of every day, I’m thankful, don’t really need more than that.

The journey continues…

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