Victoria Full Marathon in October?

still an awful long time away, I have the goal of a half marathon in August…

I know, I’m old..I have time management issues…but, well, FOCUS.

I’m really bummed out not being in Vancouver this weekend for that half marathon….this has got to be the first time I haven’t been in Vancouver in May since I moved into Vancouver in 1981?

There was always a reason, after we moved to Kamloops, and then here to St.Albert/Edmonton, I always found a reason to be there……music, me as a writer, and then as a runner…..

When I retired in 2014, I said I couldn’t afford to live in Vancouver, my vision of heaven, but I’d visit so often it would seem like I did……well, that hasn’t really worked out that way… has changed, I’ve resigned myself to living here like I would there…without the ocean, the mountains, and that city…..yes expensive, but, well, a liveable city, an active city…that’s a contageous thing….

Also healthy……it’s a place where it’s normal to run, bike on the city streets, walk, swim in the ocean….ski and golf on the same day, hike mountains, how do I create that here?

I spend way too much time doing things I don’t like doing…watching TV, following the news, and giving an shit about that the those…..I’ve got to make that my first life shift……

It is supposed to be stupid hot for the rest of this week…..but, I’ve got to spend more time outside, doing not watching, be a do-er….

Every day’s an opportunity…. there’s no reason not to take that opportunity….

It sound’s easy….

Be active, learn, teach…..that should take up more of my time…

Stay tuned to this site…..I’m about to finish up my virtual Learn to Run, 5K and 10K clinics…and then in June, a full and half marathon clinic…….which will finish up in 18 weeks from that date in June, will finish up in time for the Victoria Marathon…..

it won’t be Vancouver, but it will be the west oceans, mountains, and well, good food?


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