A Day of Music and watching running on TV

So Sunday huh?

I was supposed to be in Vancouver to run a half marathon this weekend, but, well, life…a dad that’s in and out of the hospital….so decided, not this year….so watched it on YouTube instead….

If you listen closely, you might hear my name at the 2:02 mark….I gave my bib to a friend to run the race….at least I got a good time.

Decided, today, a cold wet morning, to dig out some vinyl….

I’ve kept a lot of them…I keep thinking of selling them…there’s a bunch of ‘bring out your dead’ sales…so many of them are one of a kind, a few signed…..and like that story in that movie called whatever that has that actor in it, every record has a story, a memory….yeah, I’m thinking of John Cusack, the movie High Fidelity…..based on a book of the same name by Nick Hornby….

For instance, Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell, Bob Seger’s Night movies….a sort of a another life with weird friends, but a summer memory…..I may expand on this all in another blog post…

It wasn’t a good week…I got a lot of yard work done, but only two really good training runs….it’s still early days, but I need to be more active then that….

That vinyl has me thinking though, thinking about getting back to where I want to be…..last week, just on a random outing to do some shopping, ran into an old friend randomly who’s training for a ton of races….that’s the good thing about leaving the house….seeing people….so I need to do more of that…

Just get out and connect…..there’s so many people I haven’t seen so forever….yeah, make that effort…

Run and bike different places, be active…yes yard work; a fence and garage to paint, trash to get hauled away….and to haul away….

I’m also trying to save money, cut back, and figure out our finances…we’re actaully doing really well…but how well, and what will the future hold…..?

And figure out a schedule…I spend way too much time on this couch watching this TV every day, and being a home body…I never used to do that…..I don’t seem to have the crew I used to have….but, well, time to get back to that

A new week about to begin…looking forward to that

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