A Great Day. Getting Better All the Time?. 237 days.

A good spin this morning….I hadn’t planned for much, but I needed to, or wanted to record something for one of my clinics about hills and stairs…so, a short run, with a few hills and stairs

Didn’t turn out as I wanted, but it was worth the effort…

Managed to get almost 6K out of it…..and after yesterday’s 12K it felt right……not all that quick, but went quick a few times, and get y ass outside, which is always a good thing…

Ran across a friend I hadn’t seen for a while on that run so that was good too….that’s the reason, another reason to get outside and out and about..those random moments…

Weird thing…I changed up my footwear…grabbed my Hoka’s….which I hadn’t used yet. I picked them up months ago, not too long before I bought my On Cloud Surfers, but these Arahi’s felt good…I didn’t really noticed them…which is a good things right?

The thing is, I do need a little stability, and these shoes do that…that’s the difference, so will try them about a few weeks this week…

A new route as well…so a good morning..

Then, into the pool for 1,000 meters….

I don’t have many pix of me swimming…this is about a million years old, but it’ll do….

It felt good to finally get back into the pool…not all that quick, but done…..it actually felt better, easy…I have to build on that, day to day, week to week, just doing stuff.

Okay, so the Edmonton Half Marathon…that a goal…..this August..

That always happens right? You have a few good runs, a few good days, and the world is your oyster…

I know, I can run 21K….but at least it’s a goal, there are a few more half marathons in the fall, maybe I can run the Victoria full…I want to see how comfortable a half is before I commit…….

But today was good….I don’t know why, but grocery shopping has become one of my favorite things…..actually I’ve always loved that, I’m just back getting into finding ingredients, and then cooking up a storm.

Cooking dinner turned out good, improvised and made it up as I went along…..

Played the guitar a bit….got caught up on my clinics, the guitar thing? I want to re-learn some tunes, my dad’s 90th birthday is Friday, my mom plays as well, maybe we can jam?….

Maybe I can crank up some tunes…..I know some same old, same old….

I used to play a lot…another thing I want to get back to doing more…..

I sed to do a lot of things…….interviews, playing, sharing…music was my life at one point, now running

Tomorrow’s Wednesday, another day….it’s been a while since I looked forward instead of backward…..feels way better


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