Didn’t run and I am tired!


Well sort of started a new part time job this morning, which meant on a Sunday I was awake at 530AM!!!!

So yeah, because I guess I’ve a some spare time, so why not get involved with our Running Room events crew…because?

We drove up a town just north of St Albert, Westlock…and a great event, this is going to something I’m going to like..despite the waking up at 530 in the morning thing.

All we really do is set up the start/finish line…the gantry….music, timer….and then take everything down.

I guess for other events we do a lot more, but helping with our Running Community….fit right in.

It’s been that kind of that weekend…Friday, my father’s 90 birthday…Saturday, my Learn to Run, 5K and 10K clinic all together for one morning…I had a guest talking about women and running, which I think it vital…in the 3 groups I have about 80 participants, 5 men…..and the story of women and athletics is horrible….I’ll write more about that tomorrow, but the history, the mis-information, the lack of information…horrible…

So yeah, nutrition, menstraition (yes, I have no problem saying that word) basic things….understanding what a menstral cramp is, how contraception fits into the pictiure…..the talk took an hour, and I’m sure we could have gone on longer….

I apreciate that I have so many people in the comminuty to use whenever I take on instructing….a lot of times they do cover things I already know and understand, but others always add things I don’t, or expand on what I already know…running and being active is a lot about always learning..

I had thought about running after today’s event, but by the time I got home, I was ready for a nap..I’ll get back to it tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

The heat wave has arrived…..a heat dome?….and lots of grass and forest fires around here right now, making breathing a bit of a concern, I do have to be concerned also with the sun…so yes, sun screen…I almost never did wear anything in the past, but also I never usually got a sunburn in May…..skin cancer is always something to protect against….

A good day, a good tired, and yeah, lookig ahead not back


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