Hill Repeats. Wednesday night Hill Repeats.

That was a challenge….

I’m the guy in charge of our Wednesday evening Run Club at my Running Room…even though I’m not selling shoes anymore, my bosses still treat me as a staff member and yep, I can still sell shoes and answer the phone, I just don’t get paid to do so…but it’s me, and I’ll always be me…

I’m kind of proud of that image…I guess….

Anyway, usually we have a bigger group, but yesterday, I guess because of the smoggy grass fire air, a lot of the usuallys stayed away….but we had the hard core 5…..and instead of the usual easy and usually flat 6K…we headed off to do hill repeats…at a place we call 7 hills, even though we only did 4 repeats….it was fun, and a challenge….it’s only about 200 meters….grass, and steep….and it does seem longer…and yes, hills make you stronger!

Including the warm up, and the cool down, about 5K….and it was good…I again stepped back into my On Cloud Surfers….I’m going to start adding distance, will have to pay attention and see how the lack of stability works with my pronation….but so far so good, and on grass, all systems are go..

I have to admit, I didn’t think it would, the smoke did bother me a bit…not enough to make me stop running, but the chest was heavy…

The neat thing about this crew…..they’re all a lot quicker than me, stronger?…and younger…but, even though at some point they pull away…I do have to increase my pace too…so not being able to keep up is okay, trying does make me stronger and my leg turn over quicker….so, has taken me from a 7:30 kilomtre, to a 6:30K….and hopefully these hills will do that too….

and good hard evening…and I think we’re at 228 days to 65…..all good…

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