The Run was Run. Just a Run.

After 4 days at home I felt it was time to get outside.

I’m still not feeling the most positive…….but the run was okay…..just over 10K, the pace averaged out to just under 6:30 per kilometre..

A good route, a few short pieces of things unpaved

Neither was long, but a nice diversion…

I did feel the smoke in the air from provincial grass and forest fires, but last night’s rain helped with that in some ways, but in others, a lot of humidity…….I wish it had just rained during the run…

I even add a short bit of track work…

and did my ABC, a few drills, about mid-run… co-ordination is improving..

t was a hard day….but felt good too….the shoes, My On Cloud Surfer just feels right everytime I lace them on….an On top and I think the shorts were Lululemons……oh yeah, On socks and my handy dandy Brooks cap…I guess that’s becoming my uniform……but whatever….clothing, can be almost anything, I’m not really hooked into one brand or label, if it works it works…..the cap though, I’m a cap guy, I can’t run bareheaded….so snug, and yellow so I stand out in a crowd?

I need more of these….I’m still aiming at the Edmonton Half Marathon..I guess the training so far is going well…….I’m about to instruct a clinic that aims at full and half marathons, so that’ll help to keep me motivated…..I’ve started looking at a different training plan….the Hanson Method….it may screw me up a bit….

I’m big on cross training, and running every other day, the Hanson Method actually discourages the cycling and swimming….just focuses on a lot of running…so, I’m going to spend some time dipping my toe in the water and see how that feels………I’m old, so not sure if the body will put up with the high impact volume……the journey continues


One thought on “The Run was Run. Just a Run.

  1. I like these running journals and how you always keep trying to improve for the better.
    You’re an inspiration, I too started to run the other day and it felt good.

    Thank you! ☀️

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