Just a Wednesday evening run….club

This was okay, and maybe what I need morning…no pressure, just a run.

Our regularly scheduled Wednesday evening Run Club…

My favorite night if the week..I never know who’s going to join in.

We have our usuals, but every week someone new joins in, someone brand new, as in has never run before, others that run and train to win, everything in-between…and it’s usually up to me to organize the bunch….I never know who’s going to show up, so I usually have to have a few routes and/or workouts in mind to keep everyone entertained…tonight a few faster runners, some a little not quite that quick, and one that’s just at the starting point…

A few weeks ago we ran hill repeats, and at some point there’ll be drills, maybe track work?

It’s relaxed, social…and this group keeps showing up…..and it’s mine…and my refuge..

Tonight I began my run with one and one intervals with a young man just starting and getting some exercise….after we finished out 3 kilometres, and then I ran to cross paths with the rest, so I got in a good 5K, they just over 6K……..things turned out well.

It felt good, the shoes, the Surfers seem to make this easy…the weather was perfect….not too hot, not to cool..no wind….and sunny….

Tomorrow I head to the hills and stairs…getting outside, getting my ass doing things is working well…..bring on Thursday

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