finally on the bike. 213 to 65

I haven’t been on my bike, or any of my bikes often enough in years….and every time I take a spin, I regret not riding more.

It was only a bit over 30K, the avg speed 20 KPH….but felt so often.

I always over think dealing with traffic, but I’ve been riding for so long I’m pretty much built for drivers with limited skills…and some that think they own the road…

I always head to roads that arn’t that busy a few highways, but have to ride to them….there was some construction and some unexpected gravel roads….and a beautiful day out…

I’m thinking I must have a bug of some kind, breathing isn’t a challenge, but the chest feels a little stuffed up….hopefully that goes away…maybe the more I train the better that gets…….

Someone just asked if I’d be interested in joining a team for a relay race at Sinister 7 in July….I’d love to, but nah….I’m no where ready for that….my leg would be 27K, and lots of climbing…so yeah, but maybe not this year..

Am looking toward a good weekend…and staying active for the next 213 days..

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